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NOTE: This is not the design specification for the tool. It will be eventually, but right now it is a holding place for things that we know we need to cover in the spec. The actual design spec is a Word file the team is maintaining outside Codeplex.

We will rectify this situation in the future, but right now please bear with us...


The following information will be stored in the WMI database by the tool:
  • Name - Full pathname of the file/folder
  • FolderClassification - Contains the folder classification the tool made:
    • Green - The folder should be encrypted
    • Yellow - Unable to determine if the folder should be encrypted
    • Red - The folder should not be encrypted
    • N/A - The entry is a file, so not applicable
  • SourceOfClassification - Gives the reason why the folder/file was encrypted:
    • System Folder
    • Not able to classify (for all yellow folders)
    • FileCategorization
    • EncryptByFiles
    • Inherited Green
    • Inherited Red
    • More (please list)
  • EncryptionStatus - Indicates whether the file/folder was or was not encrypted:
    • 0 - indicates the file/folder was not successfully encrypted
    • 1 - indicates the file/folder was encrypted
  • EncryptionSubStatus - When something is not encrypted, this gives the reason. Possible reasons include:
    • Error occured
    • Compressed folder when autodecompress is not specified
    • Shared folder when encrypt shared folders is not specified
    • Etc. (Please enumerate)
  • Tick - number of ticks on the system when the file was acted upon


Make note of this: We special-purpose the case of Junction points. We do not add them to any of the lists, but we check for them and will not scan into them. We also classfiy them as Red in WMI.

We should try to preserve last modified dates on files and folders. We do this successfully on files, but on folders the last modified date is only preserved if the folder is empty. This is because we set the set the encrypt bit and reset the last modified date before we start encrypting the files in the folder. When a new file is encrypted, it means the directory is modified, thus resetting the date.

!Flowcharts (more documentation coming)





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