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Welcome to the home of the EFS Assistant (Community Edition)

Update (2007/08/14): We have released a new tool to aid in migrating users to non-self-signed EFS certificates. Have a look here.

Update (2007/05/27): The released version of the Microsoft EFS Assistant is now available! You can find it here.

This site is the home of the the EFS Assistant (Community Edition). The EFS Assistant is a tool that helps organizations centrally manage EFS in order to protect the data on their client PCs. The EFS Assistant is a small tool that installs on a Windows Vista or Windows XP SP2 machine and enforces the company's EFS encryption policy. The policy is configured using Group Policy.

Navigating this Project

Like most open source projects, this is a two-way street - you're welcome to use whatever we've made available here, and we strongly encourage feedback, bug reports, discussion and Patches (code submissions):
  • Download and install a release - Releases can be found on the Releases tab. For information on how you can easily evaluate the tool, see the Evaluator's Guide. You may also be interested in the Functional Specification for some background on what the tool is intended to do.
  • Submit issues using the Issue Tracker - If you find a bug, let us know about it. If you have a feature you'd like to see, let us know that too!
  • Get support and ask questions - Use the Discussions tab above to ask the project team questions, or provide other feedback. We want to hear from you!
  • Help develop the EFS Assistant - If you are a developer and want to help make the EFS Assistant even better, you can make yourself known to us by posting a reply to the Developers Wanted discussion topic, or you can simply submit a code fix, rewrite or addition via the Upload Patches page.

Project Documentation

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