Re-enable support for Roaming User Profiles


Encryption of any folders in a case where the user's User Profile is a Roaming User Profile should still be valid. The known issue is that encrypting folders that Roam will cause Windows XP to fail in multiple ways during logoff. [This issue was resolved in Windows Vista.]
However, sometime during development of EFS Assistant, the application was changed so that it would exit if it detected the user's profile was a RUP:
"We don't support roaming user profiles since EFS encryption generally doesn't work in that scenario."
This was noted as addressing PS Bug #8194, but no record of what that bug was is available, and it's entirely possible that was an edge case for a single user.
  1. Remove the code that causes EFS Assistant to exit if it detects that the user has a RUP.
  2. Add code that enumerates the currently-configured Roaming Folders - determine what folders are excluded from Roaming, compare those to the folders that roam by default, and assign the difference to a list of "current Roaming Folders".
  3. Add code that detects RUP, and performs the following conditional action:
    3(a). If (OS = XP) and (Profile = RUP), then add current Roaming Folders to Red list.
    3(b). If (OS = Vista) and (Profile = RUP) and (Encrypt current Roaming Folders = False) , then add current Roaming Folders to Red list.
    (See also http://www.codeplex.com/EFSAssistant/Thread/View.aspx?ThreadId=12544 for more discussion of this requested feature.)