Outlook Folder Encrypted - Causing Access Denied Errors

Dec 30, 2008 at 4:51 PM

Recently deployed the EFS Assistant and The EFS Cert Config Updater. So far so good except for a about 20 or so users having issues as a result of the Outlook folder being encrypted. Users either receive 'Access Denied' errors to a number of critical files in the Outlook folder, or receive 'An extension failed to initialize' error for the extend.dat file. This causes Outlook to either be completely useless, or the user is able to open and use Outlook just fine, but they get errors popping up every 5 minutes.

My initial reaction is that the users certs have become corrupt for some reason, as they are also unable to dencrypt the Outlook folder(after exiting Outlook). Has anyone come across this issue, or have any idea what may be causing it?

Thanks for any assistance anyone can provide!